Ghella Meeting Center

First LEED Platinum v4 building in Italy

LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating system, developed by the US Green Building Council. It provides a framework to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.

In July 2019 Ghella Meeting Center received the highest certification level, LEED Platinum, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

This building encompasses various aspects of a highly complex structure, all engineered for peak levels of environmental sustainability certified by the LEED protocol.

The added volume is autonomous compared to the rest of the building. From the exterior, the building appears to be completely glazed, with both visible façades adopting the 4th floor bridge’s solution. The glass covers the floor thickness and not only extends to reach the height of the roof, but it also continues horizontally for about one meter. The illusion of it being solely made of glass is also achieved by having three borderless glass panels meeting in the corner.

The new building seems to be nestled between the pre-existing buildings, a glass cube set between reinforced concrete walls which sits above a grassy carpet, as if restoring part of the newly built territory to the city. A rooftop garden surrounds the four pyramid-shaped skylights which favor natural illumination and ventilation.

The structural layout consists in three reinforced concrete pillars that raise from the foundations of the building until they reach the second floor. The pillars then turn stainless steel cross bars, supporting the second floor’s roof structure.

The casing of this building was projected to be built mostly by means of a dry construction system, except for the reinforced concrete pillars that were cast in place. Precast materials where thoroughly chosen to optimize logistics during the construction.

The eco sustainability of a building is no longer restricted to ambitious designers but an efficient way of enhancing cost-reduction in construction and future maintenance.

This small construction makes use of highly advanced irrigation and ventilation control systems, to ensure its occupants the utmost comfort. The large glass façade has an automated curtain system that serves to regulate light intensity and air circulation. The rain water harvesting reduces wasteful usage of natural resources.

Arch. Alberto Raimondi

Partner in SpainiAA

Ghella meeting center certified with LEED Platinum v4

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