A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria Highway, Macro Lot 3 part II


The Highway works through the southern Apennines have required the modernization of existing road sections and realization of new sections with variations from the existing alignment. The design and build of the 20 km stretch includes 6 sets of tunnels for an overall length of 15.4km; 11 viaducts of overall 5.5km and 6 underpasses. 
The Italia Viaduct, with over 1120m length and 260m from the valley bottom, results the second highest viaduct in Europe
Of the six sets of tunnels excavated the two longest reach 2.3km. All tunnels have been excavated through traditional methods. 
From a safety point of view, the procedures put in place and its exemplary results have contributed to Ghella being awarded the Company Safety Awards 2014, patronized by Confindustria and INAIL. 
The Project has also boasted a one-year-early completion date compared to its contract due date.

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