World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2022

Also, this year, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work introduced in 2003 by the International Labour Organization (ILO) invites us to reflect on the need to increase the attention on issues of health and safety at work.
In 2021, the persistence of the pandemic from Covid-19 has led us to reflect even more on the importance of building an efficient, resilient, and adaptable health and safety management system.

Ghella intends to continue pursuing this path and to become more and more active part in building a positive culture of safety and health, in a constant work of growth that also involves all our partners.

Last January Ghella obtained the Ethical Certification of Social Responsibility SA8000. This demonstrates our constant commitment to ensuring the best working conditions for all those involved in our activities.
We are committed to making communication and dialogue between employees and employers a key tool in the evaluation process of our performance and to identify actions for continuous improvement, ensuring this cooperation also through the establishment of Committees in which workers, through their representatives, can deal with the Management.
We have also implemented new processes for ethical monitoring, to ensure that social responsibility is also extended to our supply chain.

The commitments that we have formalized in the Objectives Plan and the Sustainability Plan are concretized through the definition of concrete actions with which we intend to ensure adequate means and resources to maintain an awareness of the importance of health and safety on work, the hazards and risks as well as the prevention and control measures to be implemented.