Ethics & Compliance

Ghella is a leading Company in the construction of major infrastructure projects worldwide.

We build excellence in a sustainable and innovative way to leave a better World to the next generations.

We value and believe in our people. We operate at the highest standards of behaviors and ethics.

We provide active leadership and foster trust, openness and collaboration to develop best teamwork.

Innovation is imperative. We maintain internal challenge to continually deliver new solutions for a progressive World.

In respect of our tradition, as infrastructure builders, we are always a step ahead on safety.

We act for the future and strive to protect the environment minimizing our footprint.

Successful engagement and approach to communities and stakeholders is of main focus, contributing to the achievements and consensus of our Projects.

Integrity is part of our company DNA as we strive to operate at the highest standards of ethics and compliance and foster transparency at all levels of the organization.

We equipped ourselves with a Compliance Program aimed at providing people with a clear framework and specific guidance on this topic.


Code of Ethics
Our Code of Ethics sets the principles and rules of conduct that guide our behaviors.
Anti-corruption Guidelines
Our Anti-corruption Guidelines provide our workforce, contractors and partners with a set of guidelines for identifying and preventing potential corruption and bribery events and implementing our zero tolerance for corruption approach.
Compliance System, Model 231
Our Compliance System, Model 231 outlines how the company has organized to specifically prevent breaches to the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001.
Human Rights Guidelines
Dignity and respect for people are at the core of our corporate culture.

Our Human Rights Guidelines offer our workforce, contractors and partners a set of guidelines for identifying and preventing potential infringements to Human Rights, thus providing the tools to avoid Human Rights abuses occurring within our control.
Whistleblowing Policy
Our Whistleblowing Policy provides information on the channels available within our organisation for confidential reports of inappropriate or unlawful conduct or violations to our Compliance Programme.