Follo Line Project: big celebration for the double breakthrough in Oslo

The tunnel excavation in the Nordic region's longest rail tunnel has just reached its target at Oslo city center. The 2 TBMs, named Queen Eufemia and Queen Ellisiv, achieved breakthrough simultaneously.

With today's milestone the 2 TBMs have completed their journey. It is probably the first time in history that two hard rock machines have bored so closely to each other over such a long stretch and have come to the end at the same time. The two TBMs have shown themselves into an excavated mountain hall where guests, 3D-mapping and festivities were awaiting. Once the dust settled, tunnel workers came crawling out through the head of the large machines, with flags and cheers.

Today's breakthrough of the two first tunnel boring machines of the Follo Line Project is the result of many years of planning and successful project implementation.

In two years, the two tunnel boring machines heading north towards Oslo have successfully drilled nine km each. The completion of tunnel is scheduled for spring 2019 when the last two TBMs are planned to come out at Ski.