Ghella has chosen Airlite, innovative technology that reduces pollution like a forest

September 2021 - Ghella, leading Company in the construction of major infrastructure projects worldwide, has made an ethical and ecological choice by selecting Airlite for its headquarters in Rome.

An innovative and all-Italian technology which is applied as a simple paint and that transforms the walls of any building into a natural air purifier powered by solar energy, improving the environment and people’s lives.

The choice aims at safeguarding the well-being of each employee, as to enhance the neighboring district and the air quality of its residents.

It is a powder paint, natural and non-toxic, which, by adding water containing titanium dioxide, can activate in contact with light, both natural and artificial, capturing pollutants in the air and turning them into salt molecules.

Airlite has been applied inside and outside the HQ cutting down up to 88.8% of the present pollution. Inside the offices it will help make them hygienically healthier by neutralizing bacteria and preventing possible mold. Il will also play a key role in reducing summer energy consumptions by preventing excessive heat from passing through the reflection of most infrared solar radiation.

An important property of the product is the ability to neutralize viruses, including Sars-CoV-2.

The partnership with Airlite is just one of Ghella’s choices aimed at the continuous improvement of the sustainability performance of Rome’s Headquarter.