Ghella publishes the 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan

Ghella has published the 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan, which renews and updates the commitments undertaken in its previous plan and introduces new quantitative targets as defined in 2021.

The plan demonstrates an increasing commitment towards the ecological transition, strengthens our social responsibility and confirms our role as a trusted partner for internal and external stakeholders.

The new Plan translates our corporate Mission into 3 Pillars - Planet, People and Business Conduct - in turn divided into thematic areas. Each area includes specific actions aimed at achieving our targets and objectives. The Plan also introduces a set of enablers (Sustainability Culture, Governance and Innovation), which act as the foundations for a successful implementation of the company ESG Strategy.

"The Plan represents a collective effort that requires everyone’s contribution" comments Vice President Federico Ghella. "It integrates sustainability objectives in all business processes, from the initial stages of development through project execution. Ghella aims to implement sustainability strategies to significantly contribute to the creation of a better future for all."

2023-2025 Sustainability Plan