Gianluca Comin selected as finalist in the category Young Tunneller of the Year at the ITA Tunnelling awards 2021

Ghella is proud to announce that Gianluca CominTunnel Division Senior Project engineer for Saint Martin la Porte Base Tunnel, part of the Turin-Lyon High Speed Railway, has been selected as finalist in the category Young Tunneller of the Year, at the ITA Tunnelling awards 2021. The Young Tunneller of the Year rewards an individual born after 1986 and who has made an active contribution to tunnelling.

After graduating in Environmental Engineering and specializing in underground works at the Politecnico of Turin today Gianluca’s experience in the tunnelling industry counts almost 10 years of activity. He has covered roles such as TMB engineer, deputy tunnel manager and senior project engineer.

Gianluca started working at SMP4 site as deputy tunnel manager for the section involving the 9 km excavation from Saint Martin La Porte to La Praz. In the past year he has been part of the JV’s tender team as Ghella's senior project engineer and has also been involved in contractual and commercial issues of the project.

The SMP4 site is part of an overall project which once completed will be one of the longest rail tunnels in the world.  The SMP4 section includes an 8.7km long tunnel, accessed through a 1.8km long access adit from the main town, excavated with conventional methods. The overall contract section extends for 10.3km and has been finalized with 46.600 precast segments. The project’s TBM, Federica, started boring in late 2016 achieving breakthrough on September 2019 reaching production peaks of 30 meters a day, completing up to 570 mts of excavation in its best month. Gianluca’s time alongside Federica has reserved him a place as author for the World Tunnel Congress 2019 in Naples and as speaker in the Swiss Tunnel Congress 2020.

Ghella wishes Gianluca good luck on the next step!