Broadway Subway Project, Millennium Line Extension

Vancouver Fast Forward

An extension of the Millennium Line and part of the SkyTrain system, the Broadway Subway Project adds 5.7 km of rail to the existing system in one of the most densely populated areas in Western Canada. The project will save commuters 30 minutes a day and relieve urban traffic congestion. 


Vancouver is on fast forward and fully focused on new infrastructure networks. Not only to simplify everyday mobility for hundreds of thousands of users, but also to reduce vehicular traffic in the city and, consequently, polluting emissions. 

Since opening in 1986, the Broadway Subway Project – commenced by Ghella in early 2020 – is the fifth extension of the rail system. The project extends the Millennium Line from VCC-Clark Station to the new terminus at Arbutus Street.

A key connection for Vancouver’s metropolitan subway system, the project includes the construction of 5 new kilometers of underground tunnels,  700m of elevated guideway and six new stations. There are twin underground tunnels made with two EPB TBMs with an excavation diameter of 6.0 meters. They were built at the factory, arrived on site to be assembled, and completed their journey spring 2024. 


A few numbers

The Broadway Corridor is the most densely populated area in British Columbia yet to be served by a rapid transit system, despite its rapid demographic growth, with a 57% increase in the population forecast for 2040.

Currently, 59% of local traffic is road-based, generating congestion also for goods traffic using the same corridor. The Broadway Subway Project will serve between 143 and 163 thousand passengers a day by 2030 and between 167 191 thousand by 2045. The new line will also make it possible to substitute the B-Line diesel bus fleet with the SkyTrain system’s electric trains, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.






“With 700 m of viaduct and 5 km of twin bored tunnels connecting 6 urban underground stations, the Broadway Subway Project will contribute in widening the metro network in one of the faster growing cities in North America. Excavating along one of the main transportation corridors of Vancouver minimizing the interferences with the daily urban life is a real challenge. The goal of the project? Helping to improve Vancouver’s future without affecting its present.  Our amazing Project Team is growing fast and is ready to face the challenges that will lead us to the start of TBM excavation expected for next summer.”

Andrea Calì | Deputy Project Director

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