Saint Martin la Porte Base Tunnel for the Turin-Lyon High Speed Railway


The Turin-Lyon High speed railway tunnel is progressing with the construction of the base tunnel cutting through the Alps. The overall project sees 57km of tunnel being excavated before 2030 and will be one of the longest rail tunnels in the world.

The Saint Martin-la-Porte section includes an 8.7km long tunnel, accessed through a 1.8km long access adit from the main town, excavated with conventional methods. The contract section overall extends for 10.3km and has been finalized with internal lining of overall 46.600 precast segments. The TBM Federica has started boring in late 2016 achieving breakthrough on September 2019. Federica has reached production peaks of 30 meters a day, completing up to 570 mts of excavation in its best month.

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